Ways To Improve Child’s Handwriting

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Handwriting for kids starts with scrawls and crayons, and at that time there is not much attention paid on their handwriting. But as they progress from crayons to pencil and then to pen, handwriting becomes reflection of their personality.

Handwriting helps build a child’s confidence in their writing abilities and that could be creative writing also, letter formation and neatness can be taught to them early, handwriting skills and style differs from child to child, some kids develop skill of handwriting early, and some just don’t care, but it still needs to be practiced.

Few tips for improving kids handwriting:

1. Holding with right grip is very important and needs to be taught when young, before a bad habit sets in.

2. Start with simple lines and circles, make them practice for 5-10 mins everyday, don’t rush with them, let kids get used to writing.

3. Ask kids to write alphabets a little bigger and to give a gap between words, by doing this handwriting will look clean.

4. Make handwriting fun for them so that they don’t feel bored, teach them by creating new ideas like, give them animated books to write on so that they have interest while learning.

5. Developing good writing posture is crucial, tell kids to sit up straight, keeping their back and neck as straight as possible while writing.

6. Tell kids to practice the alphabet they find difficult to write until they perfect each letter, try using different pens and pencils.

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