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Being a kid, we always want to grow up and be independent. Going to school is the most difficult task to be accomplished. But, once you grow up, you see what life has in store for you. Life starts teaching you its own lessons. And then you realize that school is what we meant when we talked about fun and carefree life. But, the real world has a lot more for you. All you need is to be ready before stepping out. No matter how bad it may seem, school education is the time when you learn the things which will remain forever. So the matter of concern is whether school education prepares the children to safeguard themselves in the new world or not?

Schools these days have become mere institutions that run for profits. Institutions like schools should feel obliged to its children’s future. On the contrary, schools nowadays, focus on finding and developing their money-making methods. Schools do provide education to children, but they don’t realize the fact that it is not only education that’s required to step out in the real world. There’s a lot more to it. Here we present to you a list of things that we wish were a part of our school education.

Time management

While assignments, tests, papers, exams, and so on are expected by educators to be studied for and taken in certain time constraints by students, educators don’t really teach the students how to manage their time effectively. Time efficiency is not only helpful in school, but in the later years of life as well. How we manage our time defines how well we are probably going to do in our career. Time management workshops should not be restricted to CEOs and upper management employees. Even a busy student or a worker, irrespective of his age, must learn to make the most of their limited time. Time management techniques must be built in the students in their initial years itself. Time once wasted can never be taken back and thus, the importance of time must be realized from the very beginning.

To be Street Smart

‘Survival of the fittest’ should be the motive of lectures on moral values. Schools should teach their children how to adjust in dynamic situations. To build in such qualities among children, schools must organize regular camps, visits to rural areas, etc. so that children may be exposed to the reality and realize the intensity of the tough world outside. They should hold workshops aimed at exposing students to ‘What works in world these days?’ These could be software & programming workshops, soft skills’ workshops to name a few.

Wealth Generation & Income Tax workshops

When in school, children don’t even remember the amount of their per month school fee. There is a huge discontinuity in the amount of monetary exposure which the students get. Due to this, one of the major difficulty students face is in managing their finances as a grown up. Apart from this, income tax is something completely ‘Russian’ to them. To improve the picture, there can be tax workshops to provide some idea of income tax. There should be competitions on money management & how to turn profits out of original business models. This will not only help in handling finances but also help generate wealth out of it.

How to converse ?

Schools do teach you how to read and write; but they forget to tell you that once you step out of the building, communication is going to play a huge role. Children must learn to speak appropriately. They should learn how to deal in different situations where talking can solve things. There can be case study roleplays which can help a lot in developing communication. Moreover, children must be taught to make connections and never shy away from meeting new people; because that’s what is going to help them throughout their life. They must learn that conversation involves both talking & listening; and not just one of them.

Learn to learn

Schools must be obliged to build in this great urge to ‘learn’ in the minds of their children. Behind their academics, the motivation for most of the students is scoring good marks. Schools must instead edify its students to implement the learnings in real life. Books only provide students with 50% of the knowledge. It is the experiences that complete the other half. Children must be developed such that their will to learn further never dies.

Life never comes with a guide. Neither do schools. Most of the lessons one learns during their lifetime are from their own experiences. But they shouldn’t have to learn everything the hard way, should they? Especially when school education can include simulation of these experiences.

These are just a few things we feel could improve school education. You can share your views about how to improve school education in the comments’ section.

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  1. Anuradha says:

    Too good. Well written and understood the chaotic plight of confusion amongst children during school life.
    So many years of education yet nobody taught us to love ourselves.
    Beyond Academics , as an educators, we need to impart love , confidence, continuous motivation and vivid talents to students to make their lives worth living and expanding the horizons of their minds.

    Pragmatic training and education would make them more concerned about their school life and enhance their future prospects.

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