Student Activities

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he school academic programme encourages students to be creative. There are many opportunities for students to show and hone their creative talents. Physical education is part of the programme and all students will be introduced to a variety of sports and games and learn how to maintain a healthy body through enjoyable, practical experiences. We hope that all students will find ways to help the community through active social work. Students opting for day boarding will have an enhanced opportunity to participate in school based sports, activities and service.

Sports Activities Include major games such as football and cricket, basketball, tennis, and athletics. There will be opportunities for skating, martial arts, aerobics and yoga.Cultural Activities Include dance, art and design, music, drama, debating, etiquette and grooming.

Trips and ExcursionsTrips and excursions enhance learning and the school encourages teachers to arrange appropriate field trips when planning their topics. Trips will be arranged so that they fit in with the school programme and do not cause inconvenience to other teachers work. The planning of trips will be done keeping in mind the safety of the students which is paramount. For each trip parents will be sent an outline of the trip and a Parental Consent Form, which has to be completed before the student will be allowed to participate. If there is a cost it will be collected before the trip takes place. Each year, during Activities Week, the secondary school arranges a class overnight trip. Teachers will accompany students and be assigned to groups as necessary. The opportunity to bond with the group outside school is immeasurable. Parents will be informed about these trips well in advance and there will be an extra charge for extended trips.