Music, Dance & Theater



Developing an appreciation for music that transcends time, language and culture, enabling new
knowledge and skills to be discovered while, igniting a passion for excellence.
Overview of the music programme

(1.) Music programme and curriculum designed and working from Pre-primary to grade 8.

(2.) Pre-primary to grade 2 have 1 lesson a week and grade 3 to 8 two lessons a week (one lesson as an
instrumental session and the other as a general music session).

(3.) Pre-primary to grade 2 focuses on developing motor skills, basic recognition of music elements
and vocal skills.

(4.) Keyboard is taught to all students in grade 3 as an instrument to help set a strong musical

(5.) In grade 4 students are exposed broadly to different instrument families by focusing on keyboard,
guitar, percussion and recorder for each quarter. This will give a broad exposure of the instruments
that will eventually help in choosing an instrument from grade 5 onwards.

(6.) From Grade 5 to 8, students are given choice among a list of 12 instruments.

Future endeavours

The school’s management have a clear vision and are working towards giving music a strong and
recognized programme within the school. Some of the future plans in progress are:

(1.) State of art music department with sound proof music rooms and practice rooms.

(2.) Modern IT learning resources like Mac PCs, smart-boards, and software for learning and
(3.) Music to be introduced at higher grades and as a choice in IGCSE and IB DP programme.

The expert Music teacher guides the students through the music experience. Music is often referred to
as a dark tunnel, and to get to the other side- the side with some light, you need to cross many
obstacles- and our teachers and staff members are always there to get a student through the tunnel.
Music in NIMT is absolutely a thing to remember, it calms a person’s mind and the students get to
experience and touch the boundaries of the world.