The school has qualified Counselors on its staff and students may either be referred to them for help by another teacher or the student may choose to visit the counselor independently. Generally such meetings are held in confidence and the student will be asked for permission to disclose information if the counselor thinks it necessary. Should the Counselor feel that there is a danger to life then the Counselor will inform the Principal for further action. There are also Counselors to deal with learning difficulties and for college admissions.


The school will develop a system of mentors. To begin with the mentors will be members of staff. Each student will be assigned to a Mentor Group and the member of staff in charge of that group will meet the group regularly as a group and individually. The mentor groups are across grades and eventually senior students will become mentors as the school grows. Mentors help students to settle in, they are problem solvers and help you when you have difficulties with both your personal and academic life.

Disciplinary Procedures

Please read this section of the Parent /Student handbook page?.. Responsibilities/leadership opportunities Students will be given many opportunities for responsibility and leadership. These may be formal ones such as House Captains, Student Council positions, Mentors or Class leaders, there are other occasions where you may wish to plan and lead an activity, teach someone, direct a play or start a band.