Beyond Academics


NIMT School has got state-of-the-art infrastructure. It provides a platform for every child to channelize and give direction to his spirit of adventure and passion for learnig because we believe every child matters. In an exhilarating environment the learner will experience the true joy of learning. Your child’s world at NIMT comprises of days full of activities, learning, fun and interaction with other students, their teachers and other staff. This rich world is further enhanced by many aspects; from the classroom to the playground, from the field trips to attending performances, workshops and presentations. Even sharing a fun moment during lunch or at a class in the after school activities brings enjoyment. Classrooms: Our Classrooms are specially designed for interactive learning. 20-25 students can be seated per class. Desks can be arranged in any shape to encourage class participation. The rooms are fully equipped with internet access and complete Multimedia facilities. Library: 

(1) Online facilities e.g. Internet and Email.

(2) CD ROMs and multimedia application.

(3) Intranet and word processing facilities.

Science Labs: The science labs are, well designed and well furnished with work stations to present a wide range of scientific activities with sufficient teaching area for demonstration of experiments. Wall-mounted display boards displaying pupil’s work and other latest scientific developments adorn the lab’s walls A provision for usage of video, video projectors or CD ROM’s has also been made. Proper electricity, gas burners and water services have been provided at every seat where an experiment is conducted. Extra care has been taken in following all relevant health and safety procedures. Music: The school possesses very well designed dance and music rooms and our students are able to use many resources within the school . Music, drama and media events are all significant features of our school. The school encourage all students to participate in a wide variety of Indian and western dance and music (vocal and instrumental), with performance facilities at school. The music room has excellent acoustics, wide range of modern instruments and a well stocked music library with the best CD’s and DVD’s.