Envisioned as a holistic educational ecosystem that prides itself on being a nurturing community of students, NIMT School offers world-class boarding and lodging facilities that help make it a home away from home.
Fully equipped residential accommodation with on-campus facilities, the school has separate hostels for girls and boys, supervised by house parents and other residential staff. The students are housed in comfortable, large, airy dorms with a choice of 2 beds and 3 beds in a room. Each block has a pleasant lounge where students may interact, watch TV and relax. The experienced wardens create a home like atmosphere for the students in their dorm, helping them to adjust, counselling them and supervising their work. A resident tutor may be available as per the requirement to help students with any academic difficulties.

Laying equal emphasis on a healthy balance between academic and extracurricular activities, the residential schedule has been premeditated carefully to ensure a well rounded development. Devoting equal time to academic progress and learning along with physical activities and sports throughout the week, the weekends are dedicated towards educational and recreational excursions.

Encouraging a strong sense of community, our residential community comprises staff and students from different parts of India and the world. The students are also provided with supervised internet access on all days to make it possible for them to stay in touch with their family and friends.

Take a look at Boarding at NIMT School

Why Boarding

[dropcap style=”style2″]B[/dropcap]oarding provides your child the opportunity not only in academics but also in arts, theater, sports, music amongst others. Not only your child will have great teachers who love to teach, but also your child will be amongst smart students. Your child will learn to take his own responsibility.

Personalised Mentor

[dropcap style=”style2″]E[/dropcap]very staff has a team of 10 students. The staff mentors the students and monitors and assists them in their daily activities.  Each child is given personal attention.

Weekly Boarding

[dropcap style=”style2″]W[/dropcap]e allow students to return home during weekends. Parents or Guardians can pick their wards from the school hostel on friday evening and drop back by monday morning.






[dropcap style=”style2″]H[/dropcap]aving shifted to grades, we do not disclose the rank on the report card. Results are prepared stream-wise, according to the combination of subjects that the student has opted for within the streams offered.




NIMT’s world-class boarding facilities include:

  • Separate hostels for boys and girls
  • Well appointed rooms with comfortable beds, built-in drawers, a locker, cupboard and study desk
  • A common room with television and a host of games
  • Supervised internet access
  • Supervised preparation time for completing assignments and for clarifying doubts
  • Access to all sports facilities
  • Healthy and wholesome diet serving international cuisine