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Take a look at Boarding at NIMT School

Why Boarding

[dropcap style=”style2″]B[/dropcap]oarding provides your child the opportunity not only in academics but also in arts, theater, sports, music amongst others. Not only your child will have great teachers who love to teach, but also your child will be amongst smart students. Your child will learn to take his own responsibility.

Personalised Mentor

[dropcap style=”style2″]E[/dropcap]very staff has a team of 10 students. The staff mentors the students and monitors and assists them in their daily activities. Each child is given personal attention.

Weekly Boarding

[dropcap style=”style2″]W[/dropcap]e allow students to return home during weekends. Parents or Guardians can pick their wards from the school hostel on friday evening and drop back by monday morning.

NIMT’s world-class boarding facilities include:

Separate hostels for boys and girls
Well appointed rooms with comfortable beds, built-in drawers, a locker, cupboard and study desk
A common room with television and a host of games
Supervised internet access
Supervised preparation time for completing assignments and for clarifying doubts
Access to all sports facilities
Healthy and wholesome diet serving international cuisine