Admission Policies


NIMT School is an inclusive school, wherein; endeavour is to encourage all new admissions to join the Central Board of Secondary Education.However, admission is based on each student’s individual ability.
Having met the above-mentioned criteria, the next step would be an internal entrance qualifying test in Mathematics and English.  This is done not to hamper admission but to test the student’s level in the subject area and fit them into the most suitable level
It is to be mentioned that in no way are the results of these entrance tests are to be considered as rigid and binding on the future subject levels of the student. Should the student show a marked improvement within the first few months a change in level would be possible.
NIMT School does not hesitate to encourage students to opt for their mother tongue as far as possible in their respective classes
On first approaching the school for admission to any grade, prospective students and their Parents meet with the Admission Manager to carry out a preliminary discussion of administrative matter. On successful completion of the same they are then directed to the office of the Secondary School Principal/Diploma Programme Coordinator.
Finally, while advising and selecting the most appropriate choices of subjects for a students, it is to be kept in mind, a students future plans, if known, to University as well as career choices.